Next Robert Kramer Album "KINGMAN STATION" In The Works

The musicians, vocalists & recording session personnel are being set for the next Robert Kramer project, titled "Kingman Station".   Preliminary sessions have already started, complete with a new lineup of top musical guest talent.

The title "Kingman Station" is a reference to a train trip Kramer took late last year to celebrate a special anniversary of two close, personal friends Scott Urban & Karen Morby.   The cover depicts the simple southwestern beauty of the local Kingman, Arizona train station, (one of the small town whistlestops on the way to Las Vegas) standing silent in the crisp autumn night air.

"Instead of the hurry-up and fly there" thing, I wanted to see the countryside the old-fashioned train..." says Kramer.  "It inspired a lot of new material..I enjoy composing that's a more organic approach.."

Some of the new tracks in the works include the uptempo acoustic guitar driven "Train Won't Come", appropriately so-named while dealing with the frustrations of being stuck inside the station waiting for a long overdue Amtrak.

Another new track, "Great Pretender" ,  heralds the listener back to the style of the powerful guitar-driven blues-rock, a return to the roots of the music Robert grew up listening to and playing in various bands over the years.

The addition of an odd assortment of colorful fellow travellers contributed to inspiring a number of new songs along the way, taking musical directions vastly different from Kramers' last release, "Shadow Logic".  The musician line-up should be available  soon!